Inside My Head new single 'Me and You' Inside My Head out mid July

After much darting around all over the planet, from Hamburg to Hanoi via LA and Ibiza, and finally landing for a short break in Hong Kong to make some musical sense out of all the journeying - we are dead pleased to announce that we have loads of bangin’ new tunes to play to the world ...the first one up is our new single 'Me and You - Inside My Head' (MAYIMH) - which should be d loadable all over the place from mid July ...and our next 2 drops are already written and recorded and ready for the radio and the d floor in the next few months... with our debut album to finally follow...(tweek - re-record - change the kick - you know the stuff)!

'delfina' & 'Chris 'Busker' Morris' JOIN TGA

We have 2 new members all joined up and affiliated into the ranks of the TGA collective - both with embryonic and soon to be blossoming careers of their own.

Delfina from Buenos Aries and Chris 'Busker' Morris from Balham

We can feel the gigs getting closer... Here's looking forward to a wild Summer!

Answers 77 Video Now Live

The Answers 77 video is now live on YouTube click here to check it out.

Video shoot for 'the answers 77'

We shot our video for ‘The Answers 77’ last week! Presently being edited but here are some taster stills from the shoot. We are hoping to have a final club mix coming out of Germany very soon and then we should be all lined up to press the button on our 1st release through Believe Digital where the video and all the rest of the stuff around the single will be located and downloadable.

TGA party in Ibiza

For all those of you that are gonna be in Ibiza this Summer - watch this space - we will be having a TGA party on the white island at some point towards the end of the season. We’ll keep you up to speed with news as it unfolds…

'the answers 77' plus two remixes released

The ball starts rolling with a few tracks by founding member and tunesmith Rus Harrison AKA Rusha.

As the journey unfolds an eclectic mix of vocalists and artists of many genres will connect with TGA to form a phenomenal collective of musical talents who will weave their individual magic into the mix, both on record and out there on stage.

stills gallery
  • Shooting our video for ‘Inside my Head’

  • Shooting our video for ‘Inside my Head’

  • Shooting our video for ‘The Answers 77’

  • Shooting our video for ‘The Answers 77’

  • Shooting our video for ‘The Answers 77’

  • Shooting our video for ‘The Answers 77’

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'the answers 77' @ 77p

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